Sunday, 4 March 2012

first sunday as the HOTTEST spot in town


karmicmonkis ? onehotspot? lemme me explain, karmicmonkis ab is the company, the studio is onehotspot.
because KARMICMONKISONEHOTSPOT is too long and too complicated just like DIREKTÖRSTOALETTNYCKELHÅ know what i mean:)

since the 25th until yesterday we had had 108 attendees based on 17 classes....i mean i am in tears as i am writing this, i feel humble in awe with all the response.

personally i thought that the clients were based on spin off of my old students in Malmö but hey hopp it is 50-60% newbies - people who live on the same street,friends of friends & word of mouth - power to LUND.

kids yoga had great turn out fabulous too...o my!! they were just edible & cute!!
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keeping steady updates!
i bow with gratitude & love, bring peace everywhere you go!

whilst you go lazy on a sunday mode here is a good read, no need to intellectualise just enjoy!


  1. Love it. Great stuff Nikki!

  2. This is an intresting blog that you have posted you shares a lot of thing about Hot Yoga Malmö, Bikram Yoga Malmo and Hot Yoga House.Thanks

    1. they are my precious colleagues:) are you the new edition in malmö? happy 2014 & welcome to our humble blog

  3. they are my precious colleagues:) welcome to our blog

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